Industrial Instrumentation Engineering

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Instrumentation, Process Control, PLC ,SCADA
and DCS
Instrumentation for Automation and Process
Process, Electrical and Instrumentation Drawings
and Documentation
Understand the purpose of a HAZOP in the
development of a plant
Industrial Communication & PLC, HMI, SCADA,
Basic Instrumentation & Sensors
Process Instrumentation & Control Loop
Industrial Level, flow measurement and control
Industrial Pressure measurement and control
Industrial Temperature Measurement and Control

Installation and maintenance Tips of all Instruments
Instrument Index, Instrument Location Plan
Process Data sheets and Specifications,
Instrument Data Sheets
Preparation of,
• Instrument Wiring Layout, Logic Diagrams
• Loop Drawing, Loop Wiring Diagram, JB
• Cable Schedule, Cable Tray Layout
• Hook-UP Drawing
• Bill of Material
Standards & codes for instrumentation, Brief
on Hazardous Area Classifications
Flow calculation and control Valve sizing
Documentation & Technical bid evaluation(TBE)