Oil and gas job in India
Diploma Courses in Oil and Gas Process Basics

• Production, Separations and Pretreatment Exploration and Production
• Basic Chemistry of Crude Oil
• Major Refinery Products
• Two Phase Oil and Gas Separation
• Three Phase Water, Oil and Gas Separation


Gas Processing and Technologies Basics
Engineering Design Manuals for
• Natural Gas Dehydration using Solids
• Natural Gas Dehydration with Glycols
Engineering Design Manual for
• Bulk Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) – Storage
and Handling
• Bulk Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) – Storage and
Engineering Design Manual for
• Amine Sweetening Process
• Sulfur Recovery Process
Engineering Design Manual for
• Bulk Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) – Storage
and Handling
• Bulk Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) – Storage and
Trouble Shooting for
• Gas Processing Plants
Gas Conditioning and Processing


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diploma courses in oil and gas in cochin


AWS course in kerala

• Basic fundamentals of solar systems and standards
• Design and load predictive analysis
• Process of solar electrical and instrumentation
drawing, documentation
• Criteria for solar plant implementation techniques
• Modern ways of maximum power extraction
• Fault detection and its rectification, remedies

Oil and gas jobs in India

• NEBOSH International Diploma
in Occupational Health & Safety
• NEBOSH International General
Certificate (English &Arabic )
• NEBOSH International Technical
Certificate in Oil and Gas
Operational Safety
• NEBOSH Health & Safety at Work
(English & Arabic)

piping and structural courses in cochin
Total Station & GPS

• Surveying                                           • Control survey
• Cross section                                     • Mapping survey
• Contour Map                                      • Electric wire Survey
• Free station survey                            • Road Survey
• Tie Distance                                       • Stake-out
• Staking out
• Computations
• Remote Height
• Area (Plan)
• Cut and Fill Volumes

Oil and gas course
Diploma in Oil and Gas Construction

This course provides students with practical
skills and knowledge to work in semi professional
technical positions in many areas of the Oil and
Gas Industry. The course is based and is
confined to certain areas of the industry.


• Introduction to Welding.
• Welding Process & Quality.
• Basic Welding and Cutting processes
• Welding Metallurgy
• Safety in Welding and Cutting Processes.
• Welding Qualifications and Specificaions.
• Fatigue of Welded Structures.
• Geometries and Weld Symbols.
• Weld Defects.
• Reports and forms
ii N.D.E
Understanding the basic principles of various NDT
methods, fundamentals, discontinuities in differ-
ent product forms, importance of NDT, applica-
tions, limitations of NDT methods and techniques
and codes, standards and specifications related to
non-destructive testing technology.


• Introduction to Process piping.
• Piping Components and fittings.
a.)Pipe fittings
• Valves.
• Overview of Static & Rotary Equipments.
• Pipe supports.
• Piping Materials.
• Codes, standards & specifications of pres
sure pipings
• Process Piping Codes and Standards.
• General-Process Diagrams.
(Isometric, P& ID, PFD,GA )
• Fabrication & fit up of reinforcement pads
• Fabrication and Erection Techniques.
• Pressure Testing Procedures.
• Safety training for hot work & power tools
• Seamless pipe & Seam pipe manufacturing
• Pipe expansions, pipe bends.
• Mittering of elbows, Tees, Lateral Tees stub
in & stub on methods.
• Piping lay out, jigs &fixtures rolling offsets,
layout ordinate lines and length.
• Threading of pipe & cold cutting of pipe
• Pipe Supports.
• Hydro test & Pneumatic test of fabricated
piping systems.


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oil and gas course in kerala

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