Mechanical QA/QC courses in trivandrum
Mechanical QA / QC Engineering

• Radiographic Testing(RT)
• Ultrasonic Testing(UT)
• Liquid Penetrant Testing(PT)
• Magnetic Particle Testing(MT)
• Visual Testing(VT)
• Radiographic Film Interpretation(RTFI)
• Piping & Engineering Drawings
• Piping & Isometric Drawings
• Welding Inspection
• Coating Inspection
• Equipment Inspection
• Safety Precautions
• QA Documentation
• QC Inspection Basics
• Duties & responsibility of QC inspector
• Punch listing

• Material specification
• Fabrication & Erection methods
• Test Pack Preparation
• Codes standard & Specification

Bgas course in cochin
BGAS Courses ( British Gas Approval Scheme )

British Gas Approval Scheme (BGAS) addresses numerous paint
types and systems used in the construction and are suitable for
candidates with industrial painting. The course is largely theoreti-
cal but involves hands-on experience with relevant inspection
equipment and bias towards British Gas / National Frid painting
practices. BGAS certification has got two Grades as BGAS Gr : 3/2
and Gr : 1. BGAS Gr : 3/2 addresses importance of surface prepara-
tion on numerous of application and testing used in the Construc-
tion & Industrial segments. BGAS Gr : 1 an advanced qualification
deals specifically with off shore practices to recognise laws and
structures of offshore platform.

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Best BGas Courses in Cochin, Trivandrum, Kerala

BGas  Orientation Course in Trivandrum, Cochin, Kerala

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Civil QA/QC course in kerala
Civil Engineering

The existing engineering education methodology has been insufficient in providing the right kind of practical expo-
sure to the students. The Civil Engineering sector is in high demand at present and job opportunities are in the maxi-
As you know, the foundation determines the strength of any structure. We, at United NDT provide a strong
base for the engineers to build up their career, by giving them hands on training in planning, designing and managing
Civil Engineering projects. Our course syllabus is integrated with aptitude analysis and life skill development. Our aim is
to provide practically prudent and competent professional assets for the Civil Engineering industry.

ISO lead auditor course in cochin
Quantity survey & Estimation Engineering (QS)


• Procedure of Estimating
• Method of Building Estimate
• Estimate of Buildings
• Estimate of Different Types of Roof
• R.C.C Works and Structures
• Sanitary and Water Supply Works
• Materials and Labour
• Road Estimate and Culvert
• Valuation and Billing

Electrical QA/QC course in trivandrum
Industrial Instrumentation Engineering

Instrumentation, Process Control, PLC ,SCADA
and DCS
Instrumentation for Automation and Process
Process, Electrical and Instrumentation Drawings
and Documentation
Understand the purpose of a HAZOP in the
development of a plant
Industrial Communication & PLC, HMI, SCADA,
Basic Instrumentation & Sensors
Process Instrumentation & Control Loop
Industrial Level, flow measurement and control
Industrial Pressure measurement and control
Industrial Temperature Measurement and Control

Installation and maintenance Tips of all Instruments
Instrument Index, Instrument Location Plan
Process Data sheets and Specifications,
Instrument Data Sheets
Preparation of,
• Instrument Wiring Layout, Logic Diagrams
• Loop Drawing, Loop Wiring Diagram, JB
• Cable Schedule, Cable Tray Layout
• Hook-UP Drawing
• Bill of Material
Standards & codes for instrumentation, Brief
on Hazardous Area Classifications
Flow calculation and control Valve sizing
Documentation & Technical bid evaluation(TBE)

Mechanical QA/QC course in cochin
Mechanical Equipment Engineering Technology

Static Equipment training details:
A.Introduction to ASME Code & Section VIII
C.Review Activity
D.Design of Pressure vessel
E.Design Of Column
F.Design of Heat exchangers TEMA/ASME
G.Fabrication Deviation

Bgas course in thiruvnandapuram
Diploma in Process Engineering

General Process Engineering
Preparation of Critical Process Drawings for Process
Rotary Equipments Basics
Types of Process Valves Basics Piping, Instrument
Process Sizing Calculations for Plant Design
Process Equipment Sizing Calculations for Plant Design
Process Data Sheets Preparation
Instrumentation and Controls Basics
Process Safety & Material Selection Additional Target
Process Design Guidelines for Major Piping Drawings
Design Manual for Chemical Injection Skids
Rules of Thumbs for Plant Design
Plant Operations, Distillation Column Operation, Trouble

oil and gas training courses in india
Civil QA/QC Engineering Courses

• Ultrasonic pulse velocity testing
• Rebound hammer testing
• Rubber locator (cover meter) survey
• Carbonation & chloride testing
• Coating thickness measurement on
• Infrared thermography
• Radiography
• Permeability test
• Pile integrity test



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MEP/HVAC course in cochin
HVAC Systems

Heat Load Calculations
• Introduction to Heat Load Calculations
and Load Estimating
• Design Conditions- Indoor, Outdoor
• Outdoor Load
• Indoor Load
• Apparatus Load
Design Basis Report
Ducting Layout and Sizing
• Air Side System components
• Duct Design Methods-Equal Friction
• Static Regain Room Air Distribution
• Natural Ventilation
• Mechanical Ventilation
• Mechanical System
• Vapor Absorption System
• Other Refrigeration Methods

CSWIP course in trivandrum
CSWIP Courses ( Certification Scheme for Welding Inspection for Personnel )

CSWIP provides internationally recognised role-specific competence for
people engaged in welding, joining materials integrity and inspection in
manufacturing construction operations or repair of high integrity structures,
plant or machinary. CSWIP certification Scheme are UKAS accredited to
ISO/IEC/17024,the international standard of personnel certification.


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